Advanced Digital IIOT Enterprise Application

IIOT & Energy Management, simplified

Gain the visibility, flexibility and agility to predict, optimise and succeed in a smart environment with Strata.

Strata is the market leading real time energy management software developed in-house by Cotopaxi

Our web-based energy management solution works alongside our telemetry systems to continuously monitor and analyse performance data in order to optimise energy and process and translate your data into savings.

Transform industrial operations to draw out insights with real time visibility and animated process flow capability and typically deliver 15-20% savings on your site energy and utility consumption.

Advanced, user-friendly features as standard

Dynamic, interactive dashboards

Strata has an integrated dashboard builder with an extensive set of widgets which provide all the flexibility you need to create detailed engineering diagrams with live data or high-level infographics.

Build the reports you need easily using drag and drop with little training required to build the report you want to see;

  • Enter edit mode
  • Choose your layout
  • Drag and drop your report widgets and data feeds
  • Choose your timeframe
  • Exit edit mode
Dynamic, interactive dashboards

Live process flows and advanced diagrams

Rapidly identify performance issues in your process as it happens, enable key decisions to be made quickly and effectively based on live data.

Animated visual representations of your data allow live, complex views of critical environments remotely.

Overlay your data on a P&ID or link it to shapes and animation to create truly interactive, live reports.

  • Infographics
  • Animated 3D production lines
  • P&ID diagrams
  • 3D factories / cities / distribution centres
  • Floorplans
  • Utility maps
  • Interactive Google Maps with custom shapes
  • Billing invoices
Live process flows and advanced diagrams

Digital Twins - 3D models with real-time data

Embed realistic, digital representations of your site's equipment with interactive graphics.

View 3D models in augmented reality with Strata from your mobile phone or tablet.

Stream real-time data securely to your 3D model to view performance from anywhere with an internet connection.

Combine real-time data with tariff data to provide real-time costs and see savings made, live.

Use StrataTV display signage to show real-time 3D models in control rooms to ensure that action is taken to address issues.

Add alarms and graphics to your 3D model to highlight performance and improve efficiency with full visibility of production.

Digital Twins - 3D models with real-time data

Interactive 360° location scan with overlaid data

Create real-world views of your factory, production line, control room, boiler house, reception, office etc.

Overlay multiple types of Strata data including dashboards, data feeds, projects, OEE production lines, uploaded documents, Images, Videos, PDFs or hyperlink to external website

Intuitive factory and data navigation to help users access your data via a real-world representation

Navigate around your factory to find the data or share this with people not familiar with the layout to help with project planning

Interactive 360° location scan with overlaid data

GPS location reports and bubble maps

Tag your asset GPS location's and combine Strata data for easy benchmarking and asset location tracking

  • Sites
  • Data feeds / meters
  • Projects

Produce high level bubble reports to benchmark site utility status against each other's relative performance

Compare energy saving project locations on site to combine efforts while optimising energy saving projects and reducing downtime

Embed publicly available maps or create your own custom maps combined with Strata data, graphics and information using custom drawing tools

GPS location reports and bubble maps

Equation Builder / Steam Tables

Advanced "Calculated" Data Feeds can be created using any data source utilising Strata's built-in drag & drop equation builder.

A large collection of mathmatical operators and functions are available, e.g. If, Log10, Max, Tan, Sqrt etc. which can be used with data at any resolution and even works with Real-Time data.

In addition to these equation features that you'd expect, Strata also has an extensive set of Steam Table functions integrated directly into the equation builder.

To ensure your custom equations makes sense, the equation builder features automatic validaton which works in conjunction with Strata's data validation features to ensure your data is relevant and useful.

Equation Builder / Steam Tables

User-friendly and Customisable

We've worked hard to ensure Strata is completely user friendly and customisable with little training required to use complex features.

Our software team are passionate about Strata with a keen focus on user friendliness and ease of use.

Create new extensive dynamic dashboards, advanced equations, forecasts, data feeds, targets and more, easily via the Strata user interface, all using drag and drop.

User-friendly and Customisable

Security, user levels & ESCROW

Confidently access your data securely over the web from anywhere in the world, with advanced cybersecurity protection systems including firewall protection, backups and SSL.

Multiple levels of user access allow you to provide or restrict access to Strata to your users at any level within your organisation for full flexibility.

ESCROW services are available for further peace of mind to ensure that you will always be able to recover your data.

Security, user levels & ESCROW

Integrated multi-lingual support and training

Built-in support for 30+ languages with multi-lingual material as standard, all available direct from Strata;

  • Globalised dates, numbers and languages
  • User Manuals
  • Videos
  • Training Courses

Send questions, comments, feedback and ideas direct to the Strata developers with the built-in feedback button without navigating away from your current task.

Our in-house software developers are highly experienced and happy to help your user's around the world achieve their goals.

Integrated multi-lingual support and training

Advanced targets with multiple linear regression

Strata supports several types of targets which help benchmark and reduce energy by identifying key issues, which provides opportunities for reductions in utility usage.

Tailor your targets from simple fixed values to advanced multiple-linear regression models which utilise Machine Learning, all via drag-and-drop functionality using your historical data.

Advanced targets with multiple linear regression

Financial saving & data forecasts

Take your data even further with data forecasting.

Utilise multiple linear regression to predict your Energy Usage using planned production

Identify & analyse cumulative energy project savings into the future

Financial saving & data forecasts

Alarm notifications & tracking

Set data alarms to be instantly notified of important events

View, track, comment or set the current status of alarm investigations to help quantify alarm causes and issues

Alarm notifications & tracking

Weather history, forecasts and Degree Days

Strata includes integrated Worldwide weather data as standard.

The latest weather data is automatically imported in Imperial or Metric format for almost any location in the world, backfilled to 2008.

Degree Day data as standard to help with benchmarking performance against weather conditions / temperatures

30+ measurements available, most at hourly resolution, including Wet Bulb, Pressure, Precipitation, Snowfall, visibility and of course, temperature

Automatic weather reports including 3-day forecasts & current weather animations

Weather history, forecasts and Degree Days

Unlimited data feeds and users

Strata is designed to ensure you're in control of your system layout with total visibility across all systems, globally.

We're here to support you should you need it.

Add unlimited users and data-feeds and share your findings with users around the world.

Unlimited data feeds and users

Automatic utility maps

Quickly view or setup your utility mappings and view their consumption or cost values.

Utilising drag & drop, you can view utility maps from an individual data feed and even embed them in dashboards or Custom Reports.

This is a very useful and visual way of identifying utility layouts and unaccounted usage with interactive connections depicting zero usage.

Automatic utility maps

Continuous improvements and new features

Strata is always is in active development which means we take your ideas and feedback seriously.

New features are regularly introduced to ensure Strata remains cutting edge with the features you and your business need to succeed.

We take feedback seriously and regularly include customer requests and recommendations into our software updates to ensure Strata is easy to use with the features you need.

You can even contact the Software team directly with one click from Strata to remove the headache of looking for contact details. Our dedicated support team are ready to help.

Continuous improvements and new features

Dark / Light mode

Strata supports both Dark and Light mode, both of which can be instantly toggled without reloading.

This provides users with the option of a low light or contrast mode at the click of a button, and can be changed at any time.

Dark / Light mode

- Digital links to physical assets

StrataTags are low-cost, physical, sticky-back or hanging tags that come in a variety of forms and sizes.

Requiring no power, StrataTags are a great way to link physical devices such as meters, panels or assets to Strata to allow users to open a specific Strata page at a tap of their device.

Once the StrataTags are linked, no further setup is required.

Dark / Light mode

Tablet or phone access via StrataMobile

Navigate to Strata's URL from your mobile device and you will automatically be presented with the mobile optimised version.

You can also install Strata to your Android or iOS device.

Tablet or phone access via StrataMobile

Scalability with high or low level focus

Strata is scalable to your needs, from SME to large global multi-site corporations, roll-up your data to present to upper management or focus on the details at site level.

Advanced operational features allow you to function at optimum efficiency

Scalability with high or low level focus

Easy data integration

Experts in data collection

Having worked with clients of all sizes across the globe, Cotopaxi has decades worth of experience in integrating your data, securely. Whether wired, wireless, or purely software, we provide supplier-agnostic solutions, tailored to your requirements and budget.

Easy data collection - Connect to anything

Strata can interface with almost any device and data type, such as IIOT devices, data collection systems or databases.

Already have data?

Utilising it's own bespoke data collection system, Strata can accept anything from an emailed spreadsheet, to real-time enabled devices streaming data in, live from around the world.

We are experts in working with end user IT support to get your data from your hardware to Strata, securely.

Need to upgrade your current systems?

If you don't currently have appropriate data collection systems, we have extensive experience in upgrading existing systems with off-the-shelf systems or creating bespoke telemetry solutions to suit your needs.

Please get in touch so that we can explore the options available to you, we've always succeeded in getting data into Strata, from anywhere around the world.

Some examples of Strata integration include:

  • FTP
  • SSH/sFTP
  • OPC
  • SMTP
  • Email
  • Strata API
  • MQTT
  • Direct Database Connection

Dont see your system? No problem, its likely that we can either already connect to it or our telemetry team will be able to.

Easy data collection - Connect to anything

Your data remains yours

It's easy to get your data into Strata, but it's also very easy to get it out again.

We have a range of options available to get your data out of Strata, including the ability to integrate with other software.

Whether it be a manual, triggered or scheduled export, Strata has you covered;

  • Email
  • Excel
  • PDF
  • API
  • Power BI

Strata can easily integrate with Microsoft Power BI to allow you to produce even more reports and in-depth analysis

Your data remains yours

PowerBI Integration

Have the best of both worlds with two-way integration of Strata and PowerBI.

Combine the flexibility and features of Strata with your PowerBI reports by embedding them directly into Strata Dashboards.

Or use Strata and it's advanced data collection system as your data source for PowerBI by connecting via the Strata API.

Once connected, you can combine Strata's data with your other PowerBI data sources, or use PowerBI data with the power of Strata.

PowerBI Integration

Real-time consumption and costs

Real time capabilities provide a continuous monitoring environment with rapid system updates allowing you to view live;

  • Raw readings
  • Consumption
  • Costs
  • Calculated data feeds
  • Running totals (e.g. Last 24 hours)

With the ability to create dynamic web-based HMI / SCADA systems views, you can view your essential systems from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Analyse, monitor, export and even pause your live data stream in detail, with historical data stored at 1 min resolution for further analysis.

Visualise your process and production flows in real time to identify and track issues or bottlenecks.

There is no need for additional downloads, installation or coding to take advantage real-time within Strata.

Integrating directly into Strata dashboards and StrataTV, the real time module works with all relevant Dashboard widgets.

Real-time consumption and costs

Data Validation Tools

Strata comes with built-in tools to help validate manual and automatic data.

Simply enter 2 manually taken readings and Strata will compare them with the automated data equivalent

Data Validation Tools

Add-on applications to enhance your Strata experience

Squeeze maximum efficiency from your process

  • Easily identify areas to improve process performance and resource utilisation
  • Pre-empt problems and optimise your uptime with our IIOT ready energy management solution
  • Decrease downtime, changeovers and unplanned maintenance
  • Tailored 'at a glance' or in-depth reporting capabilities on OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) via one single dashboard view
  • Complete management and reporting across one or multiple sites linked to Strata

Empower project teams and ensure continuous improvement with our advanced user-friendly project and task management app

  • Easily manage people, projects and performance consistently
  • Dashboard view of all project actions, progress and key milestones
  • Enable your team to submit their ideas for approval
  • Detailed project payback analysis and reporting
  • Summarise savings and forecast ahead effectively
  • Assign tasks to project team to encourage progression
  • Compare potential savings with actual historical usage
  • Upload and reference support documentation to justify your projects
  • Integrated with Google Maps to provide project location tracking / clustering along bubble maps on biggest savings

Share good news with clients and staff on energy savings and achievements via our digital display signage

  • Display your energy data to a wider audience in an easy to understand format
  • Show real-time consumption and costs from around your site
  • Share your success and ideas with visitors
  • Motivate your employees to achieve your organisational targets and goals
  • Deliver stunning visuals and outstanding performance with industrial grade display signage screens