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Cotopaxi & Partners

Cotopaxi have a long history of successful relationships with selected partners around the world.

Working together we can achieve strong growth by helping you to build a recurring revenue stream and produce engaged, happy clients by delivering the savings they need.

We highly value our partner's feedback and regularly implement improvements and features based on their experiences and ideas.

Take advantage of our experience and software with a proven track record, utilised by both global and local companies to provide the sustainability and energy savings that your clients value.

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  • Recurring revenue
  • Access to all apps and tools in Strata
  • Dual branding and links back to your website
  • No additional IT hardware required, Strata is hosted for you
  • Competitive pricing
  • A say in how our products grow
  • Unbiased Advice
  • Extensive Training
  • End user support provided by Cotopaxi
  • Support Videos and User Manuals in 30+ languages
  • Engineering support available

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