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Expert Energy Engineers & Software Developers

Specialists in helping industrial and commercial clients optimise their energy usage and processes worldwide to increase output and reduce operational spend

Adaptable tools and services to meet your needs

We can optimise your energy and process with our wide range of products and services by utilising a variety of tools and techniques, including our in-house developed market-leading energy management software, Strata

Reduce your emissions, costs and environmental footprint

Our team are here to find the best energy management solution for your business and to help make the world a more sustainable place while reducing your utility bills.

Bespoke services

While we have a range of off-the-shelf solutions, we are highly experienced in providing turnkey bespoke energy consultancy services for any type of project to help you function at optimum efficiency

Virtual Energy Manager

Strata Assist is your Virtual Energy Manager


An important cost base of many businesses and products, especially industrial facilities is their energy costs. With COVID-19 changing our work patterns and how assets are managed, there is no gainsaying that if your site’s energy costs are not properly managed, your business will not only be loosing more money, but be losing its ability to meet its annual sustainability targets

Remote working implies that the use of digital strategies to capture energy use and management across an asset becomes imperative

How we can help

  • Cotopaxi now offer to their Strata customers, a Virtual Energy Manager (VEM) called Strata Assist
  • We offer a range of bespoke energy consultancy services that allow Cotopaxi to take over and help manage your energy use remotely, while allowing you focus on the core tasks of production


  • Strata enables businesses to instantly see, and manage the what, when, where and how of their business’ energy use
  • Real-time energy data from smart meters and telemetry systems, providing instant and historical information on energy use in one location
  • Energy insights and notifications that keeps you alerted to anomalies and unusual trends
Your Virtual Energy Manager

Energy Consulting

Energy & Process optimisation for Industry


Bespoke energy consultancy services for any type of project, using a range of innovative engineering principles and our market-leading energy management software, Strata

Our engineers and consultants use their expertise in energy and process optimisation and work with you to provide energy and carbon reduction solutions to enhance performance and cost savings

How we can help

  • Process Optimisation
  • Scoping audits to map out site utility usage to identify opportunities and metering strategies
  • Development of energy policy and strategy with ongoing support and reporting to turn opportunities into projects and deliver savings
  • Installation of automated / real-time MM&T software solutions


  • Insights from highly skilled and experienced engineers
  • Quick delivery of cost saving benefits with in-depth analysis reports to quantify and validate savings
  • Alignment to BSI ISO 50001: Energy Management Systems

Metering, Monitoring and Targeting (MM&T)

Control Energy Consumption & Cost


MM&T is a management system for controlling energy consumption and cost.

By effectively metering and sub metering utility intensive processes, facilities and buildings, we can identify an increase (or decrease) in energy use, specifically locating how, when and where energy waste occurs.

Our application of MM&T allows you to carry out existing business and process function with improved control while improving awareness of energy consumption and cost.

How we can help

  • Helping to identify and control energy usage
  • Energy consumption reduction strategies & Projects
  • Performance and diagnostic tools for process optimisation
  • Planning future changes
  • Recording and reporting how energy changes have occurred in the past and plans to target specific areas of wasted energy


  • Opportunity for significant savings
  • Real time reporting via Strata - a continuous monitoring environment providing live system updates
  • Reports to consolidate group utility costs, carbon emissions and benchmark performance toward best practice
  • Improved forecasting using multiple linear regression in Strata

Deep Dives

Utility Reduction Deep Dive Assessment


Our deep dive sessions have proved to be hugely successful events, identifying large scale savings while utilising stakeholder's knowledge and experience on site

Each deep dive session identifies an extensive cost reduction road map with clear implementation plans to create a step change in eco-efficiency through integrated opportunities analysis with focus on processes, people and the site

Typically lasting around a week, each session is the initial step in a continuous improvement process focused on utility and waste reduction

How we can help

  • Data analysis and site base line setting with identification of maximum utility saving in terms of costs (£), energy (kWh) and carbon footprint (ton/CO2)
  • Production of site process map
  • Identification of pinch points and integration opportunities for all key utility flows
  • Current metering, telemetry and front-end software review with gap analysis
  • Savings opportunities review to prioritise low cost / no cost which are considered low risk in terms of implementation


  • Significant reduction of total current consumption / costs in Boiler fuel, electric power, water, waste water and process effluent
  • Continuous improvement process focussed on utility and waste reduction
  • Documentation of extensive cost reduction road map with clear support / resources across site
  • Key Stakeholder engagement and utilisation