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Who we are

A team of expert energy engineers and software specialists founded in 2009, helping to optimise industrial energy and process worldwide to reduce energy consumption and operational spend.

In 2015, Cotopaxi Ltd. were aquired by BONC, a company of 14,000+ employees which specialises in highly advanced digital systems from big data analysis to advanced cloud computing and AI.

Based in Skelmersdale, UK, Cotopaxi Ltd. form one of the several R&D innovation centres which form part of BONC, though Cotopaxi's IT systems are autonomously hosted in the UK.


Why Cotopaxi?

With 30+ year's experience and over 1,000 completed audits across industrial and commercial sectors, our chartered mechanical and chemical engineers have extensive energy management, carbon management, and environmental consulting experience.

We have a dedicated in-house software development team with decades of experience in energy management software and software development.

Our team are here to find the best energy management solution for your business and to help make the world a more sustainable place.

Transform your manufacturing process into an environment by enabling your assets with our Cotopaxi telemetry solutions and Strata, our marketing leading energy management software.

Using Strata, you can communicate and diagnose any issues in real-time in order to optimise performance, reduce equipment downtime and increase throughput and yield.

Cotopaxi operate on a global scale, helping clients reduce waste and improve profit margins in hundreds of countries around the world.
Our head office is located in Skelmersdale, UK.

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